Saturday, January 21, 2006

Sanders is the new defensive coordinator.

According to a notice from the Green Bay Packers eNews:

"After a week of interviews that included several qualified candidates, Head
Coach Mike McCarthy on Saturday named Bob Sanders defensive coordinator.

"Coming into the interview process for the defensive coordinator position,"
McCarthy said, "I did not know much about Bob Sanders other than I had been
told he did a good job here last season. Bob and I met for several hours every
day last week. We talked about everything from defensive philosophies and
schemes to our own coaching and personal backgrounds. I was impressed with
Bob's football knowledge and, equally, with him as a person and his character.
I felt like this is someone I could have a partnership with and who I would
have great confidence in to run our defense."

Sanders, 52, brings continuity to a defense that ranked seventh overall and
first against the pass in 2005, his first season as Packers defensive ends
coach. A protégé of former coordinator Jim Bates, who parted ways with the team
Monday by mutual agreement, Sanders has been coaching for 30 years. In four of
his five seasons in the NFL, Sanders has coached on defenses that finished
among the league's top eight in yards per game."

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