Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Coaches, coaches everywhere!

The coaching prospect carousel moves along in GB. Lots of folks coming into GB to pitch their coaching acumen. Some offensive coaches, some defensive. Interestingly, Packer fans in an online poll today at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Online site are basically all across the board, with no clear favorite. In fact, 12.5% of those responding (more than 16,000 votes at the time of this writing), indicate they "don't like any of them (the prospects)." Current Packers defensive coordinator, Jim Bates, has a slight edge over Dallas O-C, Sean Payton, and SF O-C, Mike McCarthy.

Whoever gets the crown will have the task of trying to work with GM, Ted Thompson, to get Brett Favre back for just one more year to keep the team's marketability up while the rebuilding task commences. It could be quick if the right coach and the right personnel moves are made. If not...yikes! This is a big hire for Thompson. He can decide the fate of the Pack for the next decade. Let us pray...