Monday, January 16, 2006

Bates bids adieu. Singletary on deck?

In a totally unsurprising development, spurned head coach candidate and GB defensive coordinator, Jim Bates, announced that he would not be returning to the team next year but would instead pursue head coaching opportunities elsewhere. Bates described his rejection as being very disappointing given his record. Can't blame him a bit.

But now the rumor mill is circulating that Coach Mike McCarthy might try to lure his old San Francisco coaching buddy, Mike Singletary, to be the new defensive coordinator. That could be an interesting hire for GB. Bringing in a Bearz legend to scheme against his old employer, among others of course. Ah, the irony of it all!

Oh, by the da Bearz have a bye this next weekend? (smile) As I think I predicted here, da Bearz were one and done in the playoffs. And all those fair-weather Bearz fans -- aren't they all? -- starting ripping the team immediately. Ah, sweet home Chicago!