Monday, January 30, 2006

Oh oh...Favre to go?

Well, Packer fans, we all knew that the time would come when ol' Number 4 steps off the gridiron and onto his lawn tractor for good. According to an interview with ESPN's Chris Mortensen, Favre says, "If I had to pick right now and make a decision, I would say I'm not coming back." Ouch!

In another telling part of the interview, Favre said he had a conversation with old coach Mike Holmgren in late November or early December: "I told him, 'It might be my last game and that I was so thankful you'll be there for it.' He said, 'If it is, I'll be glad I was there for it, too.'" Favre added, "The game meant nothing, but in a lot of ways it meant a lot."

You can read the article here, and also see a video clip of the interview.

I didn't think Favre would want to go out with a season like last year. On the other hand, he makes it clear that he just isn't sure that he has the competitive fire any more. Years ago he said that's when he'd know it's time to go. Sounds like he knows.

Thanks, Brett. It's been a privilege to watch you and root for you all these years. Thanks for being a part of the greatest franchise in sports, the Green Bay Packers, and for being one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game. See you in Canton!