Thursday, April 25, 2013

Who will the Packers pick in NFL Draft?

Today is like Christmas for football fans everywhere, and it is one of the revered days for fans of the Green Bay Packers. The first day of the NFL Draft means our team gets to open in the form of new players, that is. But it's really even better than that because the team gets to select its own presents!

On the other hand, as with some gifts, they occasionally don't work out so well. They don't perform as advertised or as expected. If you pick something out for yourself, sometimes you wonder, "What the heck was I thinking?". That is not the response any NFL team general manager wants to have rolling around his head a few months from now when the realization strikes that you have a bust on your hands and you blew a draft pick.

OK, OK...enough negatives...

For Packer fans, we're always curious to see exactly what GM Ted Thompson will do. He plays his cards as close to the vest as any Mississippi riverboat gambler. The Packers go into the first round with the 26th pick overall. The last time they picked at 26, they got a fairly good player. Someone named Clay Matthews. Actually, Ted had to move up in the draft order to get him. I'd say that was a pretty good call, wouldn't you? Moving up in the order is typically not something Thompson does unless he's exceptionally keen on a player. Whether there is anyone in this draft that similarly excites Mr. Thompson we will all have to wait to see.

My guess is that Thompson will move down into the second round, perhaps the late 30s or early 40s, and acquire more picks in the process...which is something we all know Thompson likes to do. He did that a few years back and choose WR Jordy Nelson in the 40s. Not bad.

So, here's your chance to play Packers general manager. We have a poll in the column to the right asking you what position the Packers will address with their first pick in the draft, wherever it comes in the order. We don't need names, just the position. So...what are you waiting for? Vote now! The poll is open until 7 p.m. CT tonight.

Regardless of how things shake out tonight and over the next few days of the Draft, it's great to be a Packer fan!