Friday, April 26, 2013

Eddie Lacy: Packers running back

After trading out of the 55th pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, swapping places with the 49ers at number 61 and getting an extra pick in the sixth round (#173), and seeing a first round pick in the form of Alabama running back Eddie Lacy still on the board, the Green Bay Packers had to take him. It was too much a value pick, not to mention need.

As former Colts GM Bill Polian said after the pick, "The happiest man in America tonight is Aaron Rodgers." He of course noted not just Rodgers' huge new contract extension (see earlier post from this evening), but also the fact that he's now got a running back that is a legitimate every-down type of runner and someone defenses are going to have to account for. That's something that hasn't happened in a while, as Packer fans know all too well.

Packer fans have to be pleased with the first two picks of this draft for the Pack. Granted, I was hoping that Montee Ball would be the Packers' selection in round two, but he went a couple picks earlier to Denver after the Packers dropped down. If the Pack had wanted Ball, they would have stayed at number 55. Apparently, they felt Lacy would fit their needs. Hard to argue with from a power standpoint. If they want speed in the backfield, pair him up with DuJuan Harris and see what defenses can do trying to defend that combination. And with a 4.44 40-yard time, Lacy isn't exactly slow, either. This could make Rodgers and a potent passing offense even more of a nightmare for defenses.

Now, let's hope Thompson picks an offensive lineman, a receiver, and a safety somewhere along the way.

We'll have more on the round two and three selections tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Go Pack Go!!!