Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Packer Fan's Story

While we briefly contemplate the recent street free agent signings by the Green Bay Packers (as that's about all the offseason action there is to contemplate for the Pack, other than the well-known departures ) and get our juices flowing thinking about the upcoming draft about nine days from now...this is a great occasion to look at another side of the Packers. In this case, the fans, and how good -- and handy! -- it is to be a Packer fan.

This story was sent to me by a longtime friend and regular reader of Packer Fans United. He said it was OK to publish it. So, without further ado...Steve's story, from Washington, D.C.

The Biking Incident
By Steve

I was bike riding this (Sunday) a.m., wearing a Packers long sleeve t-shirt, when I began to experience difficulties after about 20 miles. Just outside Reagan Airport, I jumped off my bike, popped the rear wheel, and fiddled for more than a few minutes before deciding to walk to the Reagan Metro stop (needed repairs were beyond my ability and tools) and take the subway into town in order to stop at my favorite bike shop before church.

After having deboarded at the Russlyn Metro stop, I carried the rear wheel while walking the bike to the repair shop. A very kind man stopped me. He asked me if I needed help. At this point, having already shaken off two others before I realized that I was over my head, I said "Sure." Of course, he noticed the Packers shirt. He asked if I were from Wisconsin and I said yes. Turns out, he grew up in Wauwatosa (Milwaukee suburb) but served in the Foreign Service for many years. I mentioned that I lived in Wauwatosa for my first nine years, and even dropped the name of our street and St. Pius Church. It just so happens that he was from Christ the King parish. Anyway, he whipped out his tools from his saddlebag (he, too, was bike riding), made some adjustments with the chain, brake cable, and brake shoes, and we proclaimed it fit to go!

Moral of the story: people from Wisconsin are so decent and even though RGIII jerseys were the hottest NFL jersey last year, nothing can beat a Packers t-shirt!

Thanks, Steve, for sharing this with us. No doubt, many Packer fans can recall circumstances where wearing a Packers t-shirt or cap or whatever was a surefire conversation starter and immediate bond of kinship.

Which leads me to the Editor's moral of the story: it's great to be a Packers fan! Say it with me: We are Packer Fans United!

Go Pack Go!!!