Saturday, April 27, 2013

What's in store for the Packers, NFL Draft Rounds 4-7?

Green Bay Packers GM Ted Thompson started the 2013 NFL Draft on Thursday night with eight draft picks. By the end of the second day of the draft (rounds 2 and 3), Trader Ted had accumulated 12 picks total at his command...10 of them for use today as the Draft winds up with rounds 4 through 7.

To briefly recap, Thompson and the Packers stayed put at number 26 in the 1st round and got someone they had apparently been targeting: UCLA DE Datone Jones. Former coach and now ESPN talking head, Jon Gruden, called Jones his "sleeper pick" of the 1st round. The general consensus was that the Packers did very well getting Jones, who should make an immediate impact on the defensive line's overall performance.

The Packers were set up in the second round to pick at number 55. However, they traded down out of that pick with the 49ers. For dropping six spots to number 61, they picked up the 173rd pick overall. The drop didn't seem to hurt them any, as they wound up selecting arguably the best running back in the Draft, Eddie Lacy out of Alabama. Why other backs were chosen ahead of Lacy -- who was projected in most mock drafts to be a 1st rounder -- is anyone's guess. As Packer fans, we may wind up viewing this as another gift from the football gods much in the same way as Aaron Rodgers falling into the Packers' lap. Gil Brandt, a highly-respected evaluator of league talent, had this to say on Lacy: "I think this guy has a chance to be better than Trent Richardson." We'd take that wouldn't we, Packer fans? You bet.

The Packers also had a pick at 88 in the 3rd round. But, they traded down again with the 49ers to the 93rd pick. Strap yourself in now...because when the 93rd pick came on the clock, the Packers traded that pick to the Miami Dolphins. Still with me? Anyway, for moving out of that slot, the Packers got numbers 109, 146, and 224 from Miami.

Packers Picks Coming Up
It can all get a bit confusing, can't it? So, let's summarize what's in store for the Packers during rounds 4-7 today, with the number of the overall pick and round (at least as the day begins and pending any other moves the Packers might make):
  • 109 - Round 4
  • 122 - Round 4
  • 146 - Round 5
  • 159 - Round 5
  • 167 - Round 5
  • 173 - Round 6
  • 193 - Round 6
  • 216 - Round 7
  • 224 - Round 7
  • 232 - Round 7
That's quite a boatload of draft picks. Which is just how Ted Thompson likes it, thank you very much. This is also typically where Thompson seems to work much of his drafting magic: in the later rounds. Given that this is considered a deep draft, Thompson has to be chomping at the bit to see how the board unfolds for him throughout the course of the day.

The Packers addressed two major needs with the first two picks. Now, the Packers and Thompson will address other needs: offensive line, safety, linebacker, receiver and tight end. With 10 picks to work with, Thompson should have a field day.

And when the draft is all said and done, it's not really all said and done. That's because the next day or two will bring about the signings of undrafted free agents. Again, given how deep this draft is, we can expect that Thompson may find a gem or two among the undrafted players, as well. It will be fun to watch.

C'mon...say it with me: It's great to be a Packer fan!

Go Pack Go!!!