Sunday, June 07, 2009

What the Favre? Part 9

ESPN is today reporting that Ol' #4 did in fact have surgery on his torn bicep tendon sometime in the last month so that he could return for a 19th season in the NFL...with, of course, the ViQueens. According to the report, Brett has reportedly been throwing on a limited basis since then, but "Favre remains unable to make a commitment because subsequent throwing sessions indicate the shoulder is not yet 100 percent."

The article continues, "Favre's determination to play can be measured by his willingness to undergo arthroscopic surgery... inasmuch sources said the quarterback wanted to avoid any procedure." Yes, but his well-documented and now fanatical desire to stick it to Packers GM Ted Thompson, as has been noted here previously, seemingly trumps common sense with Brett.

Can only keep repeating, how very sad.

Read the ESPN article here if you can still stomach this nonsense.