Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What the Favre? Part 14

Lest you think that this is all we talk about here, rest assured as soon as there is anything of substance regarding the Packers to report on or pass along, we'll do so. (Just check below for news about signings and minicamp, for example.)

But when the circus is in town, you want to watch, right? And there is still no bigger circus than that surrounding Ol' #4, Brett Favre, and his potential un-un-retirement. Will his arm heal enough from his recent surgery for him to play for the ViQueens this season? That's the only thing really standing between Brett and that funky purple outfit (by the way, when the apparel looks like that, does it even really rise to the level of a uniform???).

But perhaps the arm thing isn't really the question at all. According to sports columnist Michael Hunt's piece in today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, maybe it's a bit about the money, too. (Me, I still think it's more about Brett's still-simmering need for revenge on Packers GM Ted Thompson.) But Hunt writes that the 'Queens should be careful what they wish for. And that, as loyal Packer fans, we should actually enjoy this spectacle should it come to pass.

But why have me tell you? Check out Hunt's column here. Definitely worth the read.

Draft signings begin
When it comes to signing draft picks it usually goes from the bottom up. So, predictably, the Packers have signed three of their late-round draft picks first: LB Brad Jones, CB Brandon Underwood and DE Jarius Wynn. Terms were not disclosed. The Pack also signed undrafted TE Devin Frischknecht from Washington State.

Minicamp set
All five minicamp practices, starting next Monday June 22, will be open to the public weather permitting. The first session gets underway at 10:15 a.m. on Clarke Hinkle Field. If weather doesn't cooperate, sorry folks, the Packers go to their indoor faciility and you don't.

The first two days of practices run at 10:15 a.m. and 3 p.m., although head coach McCarthy sometimes cancels the Tuesday afternoon session for a team-building event. Wednesday is the final day for the mandatory minicamp and it concludes with the 10:15 a.m. practice.