Monday, June 29, 2009

Aaron Rodgers: Breakout Player of the Year in NFC North

That's right, kids. ESPN's John Clayton said on today's edition of NFL Live that he believes the Pack's Aaron Rodgers will be the breakout player of the year in the NFC North. He preceded that comment by qualifying it along the lines of, "If he didn't already have a breakout year last year...". Well said, Mr. Clayton. Packer fans know that Mr. Rodgers had a great first season as the starting QB. Clayton noted that one of the reasons Rodgers will have his breakout year this season is because the coaching staff -- as reported here previously -- will allow Rodgers to have more control over the plays, especially going down the final stretch of a game.

Even Chris Carter, the former ViQueens receiver, said the Packers will be the '08 non-playoff team most likely to make the playoffs this season. Carter specifically mentioned that as good as Rodgers was last year, he'll be even better this season.

With all the buzz about Ol' #4 going to the 'Queens, Jay Cutler running Da Bearz' offense, and rookie QB Matthew Stafford securing his retirement before even throwing a pass for the Lions, Rodgers seems to have been overlooked by the media in talk about the NFC North. One gets the sense that Rodgers probably doesn't mind flying under the radar a bit. He performed well last season despite the media circus around the Favre situation that was present especially at the start of the season. With a great first year under his belt, we can expect even more from Rodgers in his second year. Apparently, we're now not the only ones.