Saturday, June 13, 2009

What the Favre? Part 10

When I started this series of posts I actually didn't realize it would be a series of posts. Really.

But here we have the latest report from ESPN stating that sometime in the next few days a Minnesota ViQueens "trainer and a member of the team's coaching staff intend to travel to Hattiesburg, Miss., to work with retired quarterback Brett Favre...".

Well isn't that special?

With summer training camp just about 7 weeks away, the 'Queens want to know this about Mr. Favre: can he or can't he?

Here we have a team -- that would be the ViQueens -- that is so desperate for quarterback help that they are looking to a 39-year-old future Hall of Famer who has had recent bicep surgery to fix a throwing arm that is no longer the canon it once was and who by a growing number of assessments should retire to his lawn tractor. And we also have this same QB who is so desperate for revenge on the GM of the team who took him at his word when he said he was going to retire (the first time) that he not only wants to come out of retirement (for the second time) but actually had surgery to try to be able to do so, and to play with a divisional rival just so he can play the Packers twice.

Hmmm...what's the common denominator in the above? Oh, yeah, desperation. By both the ViQueens and Ol' #4. That usually doesn't work so well, does it?

Here's the ESPN story.