Thursday, May 07, 2009

What the Favre???

Just as the confirmation process for a particular Supreme Court nominee became known as being "Borked", or a pro golfer's major collapse after a wide lead in the last round of a major became known as "pulling a Norman" (rolls off the tongue easier than "pulling a Van de Velde"), I think we are witnessing the birth of yet another generic negative reference: being Favred. Of course, there are lots of variants, along the lines of the headline. To express major confusion, especially if we are in a family situation or are just trying to clean up our language, we can now say, "What the Favre?" and people will immediately understand your sense of confusion and exasperation.

In this instance, our vocabulary is being enhanced courtesy of...OK, does anyone anywhere actually know what's going on with this story? Doesn't seem like it.

Yesterday, reports were all over the place that ViQueens coach Brad Childress travelled to Mississippi to meet with Ol' #4 about playing in the funky purple. But, then we read that Brett's agent, Bus Cook, is quoted as saying not only does he not know any of this information but that when he contacted Brett he was assured that there was nothing to any of this. Hmmm. See here for more on that angle to all this.

If you really want a fun take on this, be sure to check out this column in the Sporting News by Dennis Dillon.

And then there's this report also in the Sporting News, citing Minneapolis media, that has Childress at ViQueens headquarters today.

All I can say is...What the Favre is goin' on???