Monday, May 18, 2009

What the Favre? Part 5

Proof positive that spite and revenge outweigh common sense in the human psyche. Today, the St. Paul Pioneer Press is reporting that Ol' #4 will meet tomorrow with noted orthopedist James Andrews in Birmingham, Ala., regarding the options for repairing the torn biceps tendon in his throwing arm and will likely have surgery later this week. Rehab time would likely be 6-8 weeks. Then Brett would reportedly sign with the ViQueens and be ready to join their summer training camp...which is apparently exactly what he intends to do.

Are you listening, members of the Packers defense? Time to circle Monday night, October 5, and Sunday November 1 on the schedule. That's when you can reacquaint Ol' #4 with the Green Bay Packers. He wants to make a point. Well, gents, it will be up to you to really make the point. To Mr. Favre, that is. When he retired from the Packers (retirement first time around, that is), he said in his press conference that he gave it his all and there's nothing left to give. Hmmm. Please, defense, be inspired by those words. When you meet, and see Ol' #4 in that funky purple, give it all you have as you defeat the 'Queens...and make him wonder why in heaven's name he ever thought it was a good idea to go through all this just to get back at Ted Thompson.

Such a sad end to a great career. Never thought you'd become a caricature, Brett. But that's where it's at.

If you want to read the Pioneer Press story, just go here.