Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Rootin' for the little guy

Apparently the status of rookie RB and free-agent signee Tyrell Sutton with the Packers isn't what we -- or at least I -- thought it was. Turns out, he is still on the roster. He's currently listed on the Packers depth chart. It was erroneously noted in a post here last evening that he was not offered a contract after this weekend's rookie orientation camp. Turns out, he had one before he got there. Sorry about that, folks.

But the question still remains whether he will be able to make the squad. It's hard enough for a small back to make it in the league under usual circumstances, all the various OTAs, minicamps, etc. The problem for Sutton -- and the Packers --is that he has complications caused by Northwestern University's class schedule. Sutton is a senior. As a result, according to an article about him in today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, "He won't be allowed to rejoin the other rookies and veterans for the Packers' practices later this month and in June because classes and final exams extend into the second week of June. NFL rules prevent rookies from playing football until academic commitments are completed, except for three days after the draft." Yikes. The story continues, "Sutton's unique school obligation means he might make only the very last organized team activities practice on June 17. He then expects to attend the full mandatory minicamp June 22-24. If he and his agent can find any loopholes, he might try to scurry up to Green Bay for one of the earlier practices, but if not, he'll have to use the last weekend to make a lasting impression."

As noted in several posts here regarding the rookie camp, Sutton impressed head coach Mike McCarthy quite a bit. Seems as if they might try to find a way to get him on the squad. But it's still a long shot, especially given the school schedule complications.

But I'm rootin' for the little guy.

Read the article here to find out why.