Friday, May 08, 2009

What the Favre? Part 3

You know, I'm starting to think of Ol' #4 as the Black Knight in Monty Python's Holy Grail movie. You know, he had his legs, arms, shall we say...unavailable to him and he kept trying to fight. "C'mon ya pansy!" was his taunt. Clearly didn't know when to quit.

Jeremy Schapp of ESPN is now reporting that Brett has sent X-rays of his throwing shoulder to the ViQueens for evaluation. If Brett doesn't require surgery, the report says Favre would play for the 'Queens because of...yawn...spite. Getting back at Packers GM Ted Thompson is what is still fueling his fire.

What was the classic movie? Cape Fear? Especially the remake where Robert De Niro keeps coming back and coming back and coming back. He extracted a bit of revenge several times...but didn't it end rather badly for him?

Bad karma coming for you, Brett, if you make this move. What would karma exact for your spitefulness? Wouldn't it be something if instead of lighting up the Pack twice, as you no doubt are dreaming while both asleep and awake, that you got knocked out once and for all by your old team? That would be very much karma squaring things away.

A sad way to go out, even if it does play out the way you imagine. In your blind fury to get back at Thompson, you are flushing your goodwill with Packers fans right down the crapper.

There was a very interesting call-in segment the other evening on 620WTMJ radio in Milwaukee. Sports guy, Bill Michaels, was asking listeners not only what they felt about this whole Brett-ViQueens story, but also whether they were more on Brett's side last year when things went sour. While a few callers were still in Brett's corner, what was amazing were the number of callers who said they were on Brett's side last year. Now, they have turned on him. One caller even suggested that if Ol' #4 were to come back to Lambeau in that funky 'Queen purple, instead of boos -- which would probably be evenly split with cheers -- the entire stadium should just go silent. Like the ultimate shunning. A variation on the theme would be for all fans to stand as he was introduced and turn their backs to the field. Can you imagine? Again, it would be an appropriate tit-for-tat response, actually: "Brett, you're sticking it to Packer fans, not just Ted, we're sticking it to you in kind." This writer has been as big a fan of Brett over the years as anyone. But enough is enough. And there is no player that is ever bigger than the franchise, especially when that franchise is the Green Bay Packers.

So sad. But like the character in Cape Fear, revenge and self-destruction go hand in hand. Brett is really losing more ways than one.

There's a great commentary about the Favre situation from ESPN writer Len Pasquarelli. You can read it here.

Jim Rome also has his take on the situation. In a twisted way, he's telling Brett to come back...kind of like encouraging the guy on the roof to jump. You gotta check it out here.