Monday, February 18, 2008

Tractor Watch 2008

As some of you may recall from prior years, many Packer fans have come to refer to this time of year as the "Tractor Watch," a euphemism coined by WTMJ radio in Milwaukee to refer to Brett Favre's penchant for riding his lawn tractor when not playing football. The theory goes, the more you see Brett on his tractor back in Mississippi the longer his decision to retire is in flux. Got it?

Which brings us to the latest report, this one by WTMJ TV4 out of Milwaukee: Brett is still undecided. (Didn't we already know that?) But the news was more that while Brett mended fences with GM Ted Thompson last season after what Brett felt was Thompson's failure to sign Randy Moss, "sources close to Brett" (that's the standard phrase these days) indicate that Brett is now a bit miffed at Thompson once again. This time, it's because Thompson hasn't contacted Brett since the end of the season. Yeah, seems a bit childish, if true. Sometimes a GM just can't win. Leave the guy alone and let him make his decision, or contact him and be accussed of undue pressure.

Most fans and pundits feel Brett will be back. But he seems to be taking more time than what he initially said would probably be a fairly quick decision. Granted, he's earned the right to take as long as he wants. But let's hope he decides soon...whether or not Thompson calls to say hello.

Wahle signs with Seahawks
After indicating last week that he would really like to re-join the Pack, free agent guard Mike Wahle instead signed a multi-year deal with the Seahawks, rejoining instead his first head coach.