Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Could Wahle return to Pack?

What goes around comes around, as the saying goes. Usually, that's something that's said regarding a negative. In this case, maybe not. There's a report today that former Packer guard Mike Wahle might return to the Packers. Recall that Wahle was one of those one who got away in free agency in 2005 when GM Ted Thompson decided not to open up the vault to keep him. Wahle wound up going to the Panthers on a five-year $27 million deal. The Panthers released Wahle yesterday, and it didn't take Wahle long to let it be known he wouldn't mind coming back to the Pack.

Aside from rehashing the well-worn discussion that Thompson never should have let Wahle leave in the first place because the Pack has been looking for a left guard basically ever since, and the fact that the Packers have a glut of young but still questionnable guards on the roster, the reunion between Wahle and the Pack might be dependent upon Wahle playing for a lot less than he's been accustomed to. Admittedly, the Packers need a solid guard. Perhaps one of the youngsters will emerge yet to take on that role. But so far...? Wahle could fill that gap until the young players develop. On the other hand, in order for those players to develop, they need reps and playing time, which they would not be as likely to get if Wahle moved into the starting spot.

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