Monday, February 04, 2008

Patriot-ism ain't what it used to be

It's the day after. The day after the heretofore unbeatable Patriots finally succumbed and tasted a most bitter defeat at the hands of the Giants. Some thought that the Giants had a legitimate shot going in. Others expected the Pats to blow the Giants off the field. Having seen how the Giants handled our beloved Packers, however, I was among the camp that felt the Giants could pull off the upset. We knew their blitzing defense could be the difference if it was able to get to Tom Brady. And they did. Often. The only question would be whether the Giants' offense could peform. And they did enough, just as they had done against the Pack two weeks earlier.

All this shows what many Packers knew a couple weeks ago and still know now: the Pats were vulnerable and, had the Packers played at the level they were capable of, could have beaten them as well. But the Giants had all the momentum behind them. And I have to say, while I know some Packers fans were rooting against the Giants because they beat the Pack, I was rooting for them for that same reason. At least this way we can say we lost to the Super Bowl Champs. (I know, it's all a rationalization, but...)

So, here's to the Giants! And to the Manning brothers, back-to-back Super Bowl Championship quarterbacks! And here's to the 1972 Miami Dolphins who can still live in that exclusive neighborhood called "Undefeated." And here's to our Green Bay Packers, who gave all of us a heckuva ride...and a look at what's to come.

What's ahead for the Pack?

Given the replies to the last poll here at, the unanimous conclusion of those voting was that the Packers will be better off next year with Brett still at QB rather than Aaron Rodgers. I have to agree. One more year. Brett hasn't given any indication as to what his decision is, but is there any Packer fan out there who really believes Brett would retire with his last pass being an interception in overtime in the NFC Championship game?

So, let's assume that Brett does come back. What then are the Packers' greatest needs? GM Ted Thompson isn't one to do much with free agency, although he has the salary cap room this season to play in that market if he thinks there is a real difference maker out there. But based on his past history, look for Thompson to mine the draft as he has year after year. So, the latest poll question here (see the righthand column under the store link) asks you: what is the Packers' greatest need in the draft? The poll is open this entire month, so be sure to cast your vote and let us know what you think.