Friday, February 29, 2008

More on the Corey Williams trade

As reported here last evening, the Packers traded "franchise player" Corey Williams to Cleveland for a second round pick in this year's draft. Was a head scratcher, given the salary cap room the Packers have even considering the number of defensive linemen the team has on hand. Of course, now the Pack will have about $6-$7 million more to add to the war chest, which will now total about $24 milliion.

What is emerging, according to an article in today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, is that the Packers will get the Browns' second round pick, which sits at #56 overall. The Packers have the 30th pick in the first round, as well as their own pick at #60 in the second round.

Let's review: with the acquisition of the Brown's selection, that's now three picks for the Pack within the first 60 players. We are all aware of GM Ted Thompson's penchant for accumulating draft picks. But, could he possibly break form and use this handful of ammunition to perhaps move up for the first time in his tenure to grab a pick in the top portion of the draft? That's the speculation in this article. Of course, nobody on the Packers' staff is commenting. It's also noted that this is supposedly a deep draft which -- if Thompson stays true to form -- would seem to lead one to believe that Thompson will stay put, or perhaps even use some of these picks to move down and acquire even more picks in later rounds.

To read more on this, check out the article here.