Thursday, April 26, 2007

Those Lazy Hazy Daze of Draft

Pardon the bad headline pun...exceptionally bad, really. Sorry. But after weeks -- nay, months! -- of speculation about who, from where, going to whom, etc., aren't we just all ready to get on with it? Let the draft begin already!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, due to some extremely poor workshop scheduling, I will be incommunicado for the most part this weekend. Instead of being glued zombie-like in front of the TV watching the draft coverage, with intermittent naps to sustain the energy required for such vigorous work, I will instead be sitting zombie-like at presentation after presentation. Not even sure whether I will have Internet access -- horrors! But if I do, I will do my best to post about the Packers' moves as best I can. If not, expect a gang-busters wrap-up on Monday. Of course, by then, you will already have heard what happened from a plethora of sources and would no doubt hurl if faced with yet another review. Understandable. I've hurled plenty...even at my own I can only imagine what this is doing to you. Still, I hope you'll find your way back here to see what we have to say...whenever it is.

In the meantime, for another interesting perspective on what the Pack might do this weekend, check out the blog posting of Jeff Falconio of He offers five possible scenarios that he sees taking place, at least as concerns the Packers #16 pick. Check it out.

All together now: Go Pack Go!