Saturday, April 14, 2007

Favre "100 Percent Certain" Moss Will Be a Packer

That's what is reporting in its Rumor Mill section: that one of those sources "with knowledge of the situation" (I know, not again) says that Brett Favre is "100 percent certain" Randy Moss will be a member of the Packers when the season starts. They offer up a brief but interesting analysis of the situation here. Just scroll down till you find the post from April 12 -- or better yet, use the "Find" feature of your browser -- to search for "Favre" will take you to the post.

It might very well be, as the PFT post suggests, that things might heat up in terms of discussions as the draft nears, especially if the Raiders opt to go with wide receiver Calvin Johnson as the number one overall pick rather than quarterback JaMarcus Russell.

By the way, PFT has the latest version of their mock draft showing the Packers trading down from the 16th pick with the Jets for the 25th pick. This is certainly in the realm of possibility given GM Ted Thompson's history of trading down for more picks. PFT has the Pack taking tight end Greg Olsen out of Miami with the pick, apparently because they believe both top running backs in the draft, Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch -- the latter being the back that the Packers have supposedly been eyeing -- will be gone by the time the Packers would pick at #16. If indeed that is the case, this scenario could very well play itself out. Tight end is an obvious need, although a marginal degree lower than the need for running back. Still, PFT has the Pack addressing that need by picking up Auburn running back Kenny Irons with the 15th pick in the second round. All in all, this might not be a bad scenario at all, particularly if both Peterson and Lynch are off the board when the Packers are supposed to pick in Round One. You can see PFT's mock draft here.