Sunday, April 22, 2007

Back's Back Checks Out OK

Ted Thompson rarely has possible draft picks in for a visit. But he did have Cal RB and long-rumored Packer draft pick Marshawn Lynch in for a visit this last week. In addition to meeting with Thompson, Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy and running backs coach Edgar Bennett, Lynch also met with Packers medical staff. That's because he reportedly has a congenital back problem that raised some concerns with folks. The Packers doctors cleared him which then also clears the way for the Packers to take Lynch -- the number 2 rated running back in the draft -- with the number 16 pick. That's assuming, as most do, that Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson doesn't fall into the Packers lap.

The Packers don't have as many gaps to fill as they did a year ago. But the glaring hole is at starting running back following Ahman Green's departure for Houston. The Pack could also use another wide receiver and tight end on offense. But they can make do with what they have if need be. They can't make do with the current backs on the roster. Thompson will either decide that (a) he needs to trade up to get Peterson, (b) he stays at #16 and takes Lynch, (c) passes on Lynch and takes WR Robert Meachem figuring they can get Auburn RB Kenny Irons in the second round, or (d) trades down for additional picks with the intent of taking Irons at RB in round 2, or perhaps picking up another needed player by dropping a few spots. So many possibilities. Will be fun to watch it unfold.

Unfortunately, due to a scheduling conflict, I will be somewhat incommunicado next weekend. I am still in the process of trying to determine what, if any, internet connection might be available. Last year, I did a pick-by-pick update of the Packers' draft moves. This year...not. Worse case scenario, PackerFansUnited readers, you'll have to do with an end-of-day wrap up or maybe even a post-draft re-cap. The news won't be as timely as I'd like it to be, and you will likely already know who the Packers picked. But, hopefully, we can offer up some insight -- or at least comment -- that you might not have run across before. It's an exciting week. As will be the week after the draft as we begin to contemplate how the new players may impact the team.