Wednesday, April 18, 2007

'67 Pack Profiled Friday on NFL Network

At 7 p.m. (Central) this Friday the NFL Network will air a one-hour documentary on the 1967 Packers. You remember them: the team that beat the 'Boys in the Ice Bowl at Lambeau and then thawed out in time to beat the Raiders in Super Bowl II in a slightly warmer locale for their second straight Super Bowl championship. Running back Chuck Mercein, linebacker Dave Robinson and guard Jerry Kramer recount the season. The show is narrated by Magnum PI himself, Tom Selleck.

This must be the week for the Pack on the NFL Network. Last weekend it played back-to-back a history of the Packers followed by Brett Favre "In His Own Words." For any Packer fans who may have been lucky enough to catch either or both, it was worth the time. Sounds as if this one will be too. Some of Mercein's recounting of the Ice Bowl gives a nice flavor of things: "The first play of the game was almost a disaster. Donny Anderson fumbles the football and it was like trying to pick up an ice cube. I recovered the ball. The referee blew the whistle and the next thing that happened was he tried to pull the metal whistle out of his mouth. It was stuck to his lip. He had to rip it out of his mouth and his lip began to bleed . . . and the blood froze. From that moment on, there was never another whistle in the Ice Bowl We played the entire Ice Bowl listening to the commands of the referees saying, 'Stop!' And everybody did." Coooooooooool!!!