Monday, November 14, 2005

Second half surge?

I am offering my original post on the site (by which I accomplish the same as sending an email to "packerphan" since I think he is the only one who reads this site).

Before the subtance of the post, please note my signature. I am preparing for the day when we will be starting a great number of sentences with those words.

About yesterday's game and beyond, I thought the game planning was excellent and the execution very good. Sherman and Bates did a great job of getting ready for the particular team they were playing and used their own personnel wisely. Nothing complicated, but right on target. That will go a long way toward a more enjoyable second half of the season.

Regarding the 2nd half of season: I think that Sherman coaches better under accumulated "adversity". He loves to talk about adversity. Listen to his post game comments and his Tuesday press confs. His and the team's backs are up against the wall and they will do better now. I am not sure if it will be 9-7 better, but...

Hey "packerphan", I think it might be a good idea to re-send all of the potential bloggers a re-invite or at least a reminder about this site. Just a thought.


  1. Having just gotten my re-invite, I'll do what I can to stimulate intellectual discourse.

    So is Ahmad Carroll up to half a brain now? Ashames me to say that what I've seen & heard from him lately actually constitutes improvement. Not that CB is the most intellectual position...

    BTW, this being my first post, I should lay out my Packer fan credentials:

    * My Dad was a Milw ticketholder (not that I ever got to go) and went to the first two AFL/NFL championships (pre-"Super Bowl", pre-Lombardi Trophy) and the Ice Bowl.
    * I once actually saw Scott Hunter throw a touchdown pass.
    * I attended the last Milwaukee game where Favre scored in the last second to beat Atlanta and put the Pack in the playoffs. (2nd best moment of that day: Deion Sanders' 98-yard, corner-to-corner punt return for a TD -- that was CALLED BACK!)
    * I know how John Brockington used to buy cars.
    * I know how to spell "Majkowski." I think.
    * I still remember two Mossy Cade jokes, which I will NOT repeat.
    * Up until a couple years ago my family name never appeared on an NFL (or NBA or MLB or NHL for that matter) jersey, yet it currently appears on an actual Packer's jersey. (The family resemblance is less than remarkable.)

  2. It has been a humorous season to live in De Pere, just five miles south of Green Bay. No where else can Mike Sherman go from an unqualified play caller to genius in one week.


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