Sunday, November 13, 2005

In Gado We Trust!

Who'da thunk it?!

The Pack wins! The Pack wins!! The Pack wins!!!

The Packers played their best all-around game since they blew out the Saints. And in the process, they find a running game. No one knows what the future holds for Samkon Gado, the 23-year-old from Nigeria, who celebrated his birthday today by gaining more than 100 yards rushing and scoring three touchdowns. Game balls to Samkon, Longwell for his four field goals, and the defense for keeping Michael Vick in check.

Looks as if my season finish of 9-7 is still in play. Next up: the ViQueens on Monday Night Football. Game two of a two-game winning streak starts that night.

But for Gado we trust! Let's enjoy this win against a very good Falcons team. Win #2 has been a long time coming.