Thursday, November 10, 2005

All's Wells...

Today the Packers announced that second-year O-lineman Scott Wells has replaced veteran Adrian Klemm at left guard. While Klemm has been a better pass blocker, his ineffective overall play against the Steelers last Sunday led to his replacement. Wells is a better run blocker and with the Packers having the third worst running game in the NFL -- and on a pace to set a team record for running futility -- they decided to make the switch.

The change comes, though, against a team that has one of the best pass-rushing DTs in the league, Atlanta Falcon Rod Coleman. Wells is undersized, but a gamer. He also is faster and a more effective pulling guard than was Klemm. Given that fifth-string RB Sam Gado will be getting the lion's share of rushes this week, creating any kind of extra dimension to the offense to the take the pressure off Favre will be a plus.

The expectation for the game versus Atlanta is that the Pack will return home with loss number 8 under their belts. But maybe they will find something -- anything -- that might work in helping them pull out a few extra wins against the NFC North in the last half of the season.