Friday, May 31, 2013

What can we count on, Packers fans?

One of the things you can count on in the NFL offseason is that there really isn't much to count on. Oh, sure, there are draftee signings, undrafted free agent signings, veteran free agents moving from team to team, and so on. Even some rookie camps and OTAs. But aside from that...?

After all, who could have counted on the Packers braintrust deciding to flip-flop the offensive line? (Even though the consensus, it seems, among many Packer fans is that this is certainly worth trying in order to keep Mr. Rodgers a bit more upright than in past seasons.) Or that the Packers would be heading into this season without the veteran leadership provided by Donald Driver, Charles Woodson and Greg Jennings? What about the possibility of having an actual rushing attack for the first time in what seems like a generation...anyone here see that one coming? And yet, two big draft picks -- Eddie Lacy and Johnathan Franklin -- may fill that void in a way not seen in Green Bay in ages. What about the defense? Did anyone here count on DE Mike Neal being tried out at outside linebacker? Who'da thunk it?!

But we can count on one more OTA from June 11-14, which is interestingly preceded by mandatory minicamp June 4-6. Packers players will report for the start of training camp July 25, with the first practice on Friday, July 26. Then, we can almost taste the football in the air. (Wait...that doesn't sound so appetizing, does it? Well, you know what I meant...I hope...)

Football will be with us in less than 100 days from now. So stay tuned. As long-time readers of know, as we get closer to the start of stuff that matters we begin to ramp up our coverage. Until then, for those who need their daily fantasy sports, you'll just have to find other ways to keep entertained.

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Go Pack Go!!!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Packer Fan's Story - Part Deux - The Tebow Hex

While the recently drafted rookie class of the Green Bay Packers gathers this weekend to be wowed, dazzled and overwhelmed by all that is the Green 'n' Gold, we thought we'd share an update with you to the story of Steve, our longtime friend and regular reader of Packer Fans United. He said it was OK to publish this latest adventure. So, without further ado...A Packer Fan's Story - Part Deux, from Washington, D.C.

The Biking Jogging Incident
By Steve
In my first book, Theophilus, I dealt with how the wearing of a Packers t-shirt in Metro Washington, D.C. inspired the kind outreach in a biking mishap by a fellow Packer fan, also born in Wauwatosa, WI (see original post here). In this my second book, I ask, "Did the wearing of a New York Jets Tim Tebow shirt bring bad luck and hinder assistance during a Metro DC running incident?"

Having already slept in the Tebow t-shirt, I rolled out of bed, changed from my Clareware pajama bottoms to running shorts, donned my freshly washed Catholic Charities disaster relief baseball hat, laced up the Sauconys, and prepared my wrists with my runners watch and "in case of emergency, call..." band. (Editor's note: any brands out there reading this...send the product placement mention royalties to me, please, not Steve. That is all...)

On this muggy Saturday morning, but a few hours from a spring thunderstorm, I began to sweat profusely as I ran around a campus block. Somewhat early on a Saturday morning, there were few university students to offer up a thumbs up or thumbs down to my New York Jets Tim Tebow t-shirt. As I ran around the block that constitutes the CUA Dufour Sports Center, I spotted an opening to the gate of the athletic track and chose the modern running track over the cracked sidewalk and streets -- much easier on the knees.

About 30 minutes later, attempting to exit the outdoor track through the same gate, I noticed that the gate was now locked shut. Hmm, adorned by my New York Jets Tim Tebow t-sirt, I ran around the premises to determine whether any other gates were unlocked. No luck; furthermore, the sports center building was locked. Basically, Theophilus, I was locked inside the outdoor athletic facility at The Catholic University of America. Would I be fed to the lions in this 21st century Coliseum?

Like all modern campuses, this one also has emergency phones ALL OVER THE PLACE. So, I approached the standard and called Security. I explained that I was a resident of one of the halls, had entered the track through an unlocked gate, but was now locked inside. The dispatcher assured me that she would send someone over to escort me through the building and off the premises.

A few minutes later, I waved down a robust security officer. He asked what I was doing on the grounds. I explained that the track gate was unlocked but was now locked. He looked at my New York Jets Tim Tebow t-shirt and asked, "Do you have a (University) ID?" I answered, "Yes, in my room...".

When he asked for any ID, I did wave my wrist at him, with the emergency band info to call in times of trouble! After looking at my shirt and asking me a few more times how I got inside the track and if I had an ID, he finally unlocked the sports center, and led me through the building. As I mentioned, it was rather humid, and my Sauconys did pick up some moisture and mud during the morning run, so I did almost wipe out on the stairs in the athletic center as he escorted me out the building. Great, I thought, first this guy wonders what the stranger with the New York Jets Tim Tebow t-shirt is doing running on our locked track; then, he breaks an ankle on our stairway while being escorted off the property.

He asked if I were OK, and I replied, "No worries, sir; I always use hand rails on stairs."

Moral of the story: "Packer gear: Don't leave home without it.
Thanks again, Steve, for sharing this most recent sport attire incident with us. But really: Tebow? Jets? Had to be a way you would have paid for that! And obviously, it sure didn't garner you any major assistance points either, did it?

Which leads me to the Editor's moral of the story: it's great to be a Packers fan! Just be sure to wear your gear! (In fact, you can get some great Packer Fans United gear here.)! Get the respect you deserve! Don't be forced to wear some funky Jets-Tebow stuff. It's just not worth it, man. C'mon...order today!!!

Go Pack Go!!!

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Packers Bits and Pieces

It was an exciting post-draft week for the Green Bay Packers and their fans. Firstly, the Pack had, by most accounts, a successful draft overall. We gave it an A- and that seemed to be a popular grade among many if not most pundits. Yes, it could be argued the team needed to add a safety and didn't. Or a starting left tackle, and didn't. A few things like that brought down some people's opinion of the Pack's draft.

But on the other hand, the Packers picked up arguably the best running back in the draft -- Eddie Lacy -- and, according to some others, the second best back, Johnathan Franklin. Barring injury, that duo could be the starting backfield along with fullback John Kuhn. Given the paucity of a Packers running game since the departure of Ryan Grant at least and, some might say, Ahman Green, these two picks alone will give a much-needed boost and variation to an offense that for the last few years has been far-too one dimensional.

On the defensive side of the ball, DE Datone Jones may provide enough of a pass rush presence to make offenses account for more than just Clay Matthews in their protection schemes. DT Josh Boyd should help bolster and give relief to a defensive front that needed some depth. LB Nate Palmer spent time already with linebackers coach Kevin Greene. Greene, according to reports, told Palmer that he could help take his play to another level. Apparently, the Packers see something in Palmer they like. Very much.

The Flip-Flop
While the lack of offensive tackle picks bothered some, the Pack did add depth with the selections of David Bakhtiari and J.C. Tretter. But the other way the Pack addressed the offensive line issues of last year -- far too many sacks given up -- was to shuffle the existing players.

This week, head coach Mike McCarthy announced that they were moving Bryan Bulaga from the right tackle position to the left and also flipping Josh Sitton from right guard to left. Bulaga and Sitton are the two best offensive linemen the Packers have and it makes sense for them to be protecting the blindside of the $100+ million quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. Evan Dietrich-Smith will anchor the line at center, while T.J. Lang will move from right guard to left. Marshall Newhouse will move from left tackle to right. So the personnel is the same, but they will now be playing different sides of the line. Let's hope it works out as planned. Let's also hope they are able to create some lanes for what could be the best running attack the Packers have had in a generation.

Al Harris Retires as a Packer
Former Packers CB Al Harris retired as a Green Bay Packer this week, despite not playing for the team for about 3-1/2 years. But that's OK, Al wanted to retire with the team and in the city that meant the most to him during his long career. He had many memorable moments as a Packer before a torn ACL ended his run with the team. But can we ever forget that interception off Seattle QB Matt Hasselbeck in overtime of the playoffs? No. But if you need a reminder, just click here

Packers Shareholders Meeting Set for July 24
For those who are proud shareholders of the Green Bay Packers, the team announced that its annual meeting will be held at Lambeau Field on Wed. July 24. Once again, each shareholder will be able to bring a guest and, of course, revel in all things Packers. It doesn't get any better than that!

Learn more about the shareholders meeting here.