Thursday, April 23, 2020

2020 NFL Draft Day! What will the Green Bay Packers do?

Welcome back, Packers fans. It's Day 1, Round 1, in the 2020 NFL Draft!

And, yes, we have taken an extreme hiatus since our last post (before the NFC Championship Game). Didn't quite work out the way we had anticipated. At all. Sent much of Packerland into a season-ending funk that has lasted months. Of course, the COVID-19 thing has certainly not helped moods, either, has it? Stay well and stay safe out there, friends. That's the most important thing. After all, if you aren't physically on the planet any longer to go to the hair stylist, favorite pub, beach or whatever...none of those things really matter, do they? Be smart. Lots of stupidity happening out there in some circles. Don't be a future Darwin Award winner!

OK, now that that's all out of the way...

A few early thoughts on the Packers first pick

Here are just a few comments we made in a response to Twitter post early today. Take 'em for what they are worth ... which is basically as good — and as bad — as anyone else's thoughts on the matter. We've expanded on them a bit in case you caught our original comments @packfansunited on Twitter.

Wide receiver seems to be the position most are hoping will the Pack's pick at #30, including some involving a trade to get up to #20 for Justin Jefferson (LSU). Packers GM Brian Gutekunst has 10 picks going into this draft, so he has the options to package things to move up if he so chooses. Wide receiver, an impactful one, is certainly an area of need for the Pack and it will be addressed. The question in this draft is when, as this is a deep draft at receiver.

WTMJ-620 radio in Milwaukee had a conversation this a.m. that reminded us not to forget about needing a solid O-lineman. Josh Jones (Houston) may be available at No. 30 as well as Austin Jackson (USC). Wouldn't be the sizzly pick fans would hope for. But getting a tackle to learn from Ricky Wagner for a year wouldn't be the worst idea, would it? Gutey could then possibly grab WR Laviska Shenault (CO) in the 2nd round. He could add a bit of that pizzazz the receiving corps needs.

Defensive line and linebackers are also top needs, as all Packer fans know. Given depth in this draft at WR, unless Gutey has totally fixated on "his guy", he could pop in this group, too. Because D-line help is also deep in this draft, we'd expect him to not use his 1st round pick here.

Naturally, if Gutey feels he can still address a need with one of his targets by dropping back a bit into the top or middle of the 2nd round, and acquiring even more picks, he could do that, as well. And, again, given the depth at a couple of the needed positions, depending how this draft falls, that could be what transpires. We wouldn't be surprised.

A few of the other positions that have been mentioned as possible picks at #30 are quarterback and running back. We don't see those as realistic options this early given other more pressing needs.

Anyway, if we have a change of view as the day goes on, we may have more to say. Or not. Love NFL Draft Days, don't you, Packer fans?!

Go Pack Go!!!