Saturday, July 26, 2014

Soooo...Packers training camp is underway! And Pack signs Jordy Nelson for 4 more years!

Well, Packer fans, it's that time of year again. And my oh my, aren't we so glad?

I have arisen from post-draft slumber and blog-writing summer vacation and finally have emerged from my man cave to shake off the writer's rust and at least get something down on the cyber-paper while I have a moment. (See: that was one of the worst sentences I have ever written! Good thing there's training camp to get me back into regular season writing shape.)

Let's start with the big news out of camp today: the Green Bay Packers reportedly signed WR Jordy Nelson to a four-year contract extension valued in the neighborhood of $39 million plus incentives. That's a mighty fine neighborhood, Mr. Nelson. Congratulations. Well-deserved.

Now, how 'bout the camp schedule?

We'll be back with more on the Pack's activities as things move along.

For now, I'm glad the players and coaches are back. And I'm glad to be back here at, too. Thanks for reading. Appreciate it.