Monday, May 28, 2007

"Health was not an issue," Harlan says

According to a report in today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel of a telephone interview with Packers' CEO, Bob Harlan, the mutually agreed upon leave of absence of incoming CEO John Jones did not have anything to do with health concerns. As Harlan is quoted as saying, speaking to questions about Jones' health, "Health was not an issue."

Harlan reiterated, without really stating it as such, that there were increasing concerns over Jones' management ability. "We started hearing about management issues," Harlan is quoted as saying. According to the article, those concerns were raised by staff members who came to Harlan with their concerns. "In the last three weeks it became very prominent. More than one person brought this to my attention." The issues did not revolve around personal conduct or ethical issues, Harlan said. Details beyond that, however, are still sketchy.

What exactly was raising management concerns at this stage of the transition process from Harlan to Jones may not be known for some time. Or, in a flash of candor from someone in the know, we may also learn what was really going on. For now, it is enough to know that Bob Harlan will continue his capable command. He's earned a well-deserved retirement, no doubt. But first, some more work to be done...which seems to now include finding a new and capable successor.

You can read the article about the interview here.


In an online sports poll as to whether John Jones will return to become CEO of the Packers, more than 96 percent of nearly 1,000 fans at the time of this posting say "No." You can vote here.

Do you think John Jones will eventually return to become CEO of the Packers?
No (96.4%)
Yes (3.6%)
Total votes: 926

Saturday, May 26, 2007

"Management Concerns" Behind Jones' Leave of Absence

At a press conference today addressing the abrupt leave of absence for incoming CEO John Jones, additional details came to light. Prime among them was that outgoing CEO Bob Harlan apparently approached the Packers' Executive Committee about three weeks ago with concerns over Jones. The concerns, though, according to reports, stretch back several months.

While Jones' own comments on the situation hint that the leave of absence may be for health reasons, the Packers aren't commenting on that. As an employer, they likely can't state anything about that publicly. And if there are other concerns, they may not be able to say anything about that publicly as well, at least at this time.

It is a very curious situation. From what has been said to what hasn't been said, as well as the timing and the fact that Jones is Harlan's hand-picked successor who has been groomed to take over the helm upon Harlan's retirement, which was supposed to be in effect this coming week. As it stands, Harlan will remain in charge until the situation can be remedied one way or another. (Do you think it would just be possible to clone Harlan?)

You can read a fuller account of the goings on here.

Harlan's Retirement Delayed: Jones Takes Leave of Absence

Bob Harlan, long-time President and CEO of the Packers, was all set to step into retirement this next week and become Chairman Emeritus. His hand-picked successor, John Jones, was to take over. But now? Not. Or at least, not yet.

According to a press release from the Green Bay Packers "John Jones, president and COO of the Packers, has taken a leave of absence for personal reasons. Peter Platten, speaking on behalf of the organization's Executive Committee, made the announcement Saturday.

'We determined that it would be mutually beneficial for John to take a leave of absence while we continue our evaluation of the situation and collectively determine next steps,' said Platten. 'John will be on leave until the Executive Committee and John conclude that process.'

'It's been a very difficult year but also a wonderful year in many respects,' said Jones. 'I need to step back and recharge my batteries. I will take this leave of absence. The Executive Committee and I mutually agreed that it was in the best interests of the Green Bay Packers to take this step.'

Bob Harlan will continue to serve as the principal executive of the Green Bay Packers for a period of time to be determined, as Chairman of the Board,Platten also announced.

'Everyone knows what a great leader Bob has been for this organization over the past 18 years,' said Platten. 'We are pleased that Bob has agreed to provide leadership continuity for the organization. The Executive Committee has tremendous confidence in Bob and his capable staff.'"

Jones had health problems not that long ago. One has to wonder what the nature of this leave of absence is all about. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Minicamp Wrap-Up

Now that the first mandatory minicamp has come and gone, a few bits of this and that. (How's that for being specific!)

RB Vernand Morency seems to be penciled in right now as the replacement for Ahman Green. But that's not something anyone should take to the bank quite yet. Coaches, according to reports, seem high on him. They like his quick feet and elusiveness. Last season, without benefit of any camp or experience with the new zone blocking scheme offense -- which, of course, none of the lineman really had either -- Morency performed respectably. But he is a different body type than Green. And despite the fact that he refers to himself as a "beast," it remains to be seen whether he can take the pounding that Green took as the featured running back. If not, it may be running back by committee. While it could well be argued that the receiver position is the most competitive in camp (that would be the position of this writer), it can't be denied that running back gives it a run for the money. There are six backs currently in camp, competing for probably three positions. Unfortunately, rookie running back Brandon Jackson missed the entire minicamp. He and other top rookies were ordered by the NFL to attend promotional events in Los Angeles. Great timing. Seventh-round pick DeShawn Wynn was limited in his practice time due to an injury. So the running back situation will likely take a good chunk of camp to figure out.

As for the aforementioned receiver situation, third-round pick James Jones apparently caught everything in sight and was very impressive. Some of the veteran defensive backs mentioned that he went up for everything and likewise usually came down with everything. If he continues to perform like he began the Packers may yet have themselves a solid receiving corps going into the season.

Whether that unit will include veteran and oft-injured receiver Robert Ferguson...? First of all, what are the odds he actually completes the season? Track record there, admittedly through no fault of his own, isn't in his favor. Still, according to an article in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Ferguson has worked very hard in the off-season to take advantage of what he knows is probably his last chance. He also has changed his number from 89 to 87 in the hopes of getting some good luck. He's due. It will take more than that, though. With all the receivers -- young and old -- in camp, he has his work cut out for him. Ever since Mike Sherman selected Ferguson in the draft rather than UW -- and now pro! -- standout receiver Chris Chambers six years ago, he has carried some baggage that was not his fault. Combine that with only playing in 60 games in his entire career and Ferguson has never been a fan favorite, despite showing some flashes of receiving brilliance. Still, at this point, he's almost an underdog story.

Last, but certainly not least, was the presence of Mr. Favre at camp. Actually, not merely the presence but also practice. Brett threw the ball for the first time since the end of the season. He wasn't expected to actually practice as he is still recovering from his ankle surgery earlier this year. know Brett. Video of some of the practices also showed a smiling Brett. Looked like he was having some fun. Despite confessing to being bored with these minicamps, the leadership he provides merely by attending was huge. Vernand Morency described just one instance of this according to a report in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: "I was in the locker room messing around, and he came up to me. We went over a single play and I understood what he wanted and we got that fixed. If he wouldn't (have come) we wouldn't have ever got that fixed." When Brett speaks, people listen. Coach McCarthy -- not surprisingly -- said players and coaches alike benefit from just having Brett on hand. Yes, Coach has a flare for understatement.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Harlan's Green and Gold Legacy

As Packers CEO Bob Harlan fast approaches Chairman Emeritus status, 620WTMJ-AM radio in Milwaukee is doing a 5-part series this week entitled "Bob Harlan: a Green and Gold Legacy." You can read part 1 here as well as find links to the audio version of the report.

Harlan, who joined the Packers in 1971 and became President and CEO in 1989, has been instrumental in turning the Packers' fortunes around, no less than Ron Wolf and Mike Holmgren. In fact, if it wasn't for Harlan hiring Ron Wolf as GM in 1991...well, we don't even want to think about it. Harlan was also the driving force behind the referendum securing the funding for the renovation of Lambeau Field so that it could be a revenue source 365 days per year instead of just 10 as before. It is Harlan's vision that has placed the Packers on solid financial ground for a long time to come.

Incoming President and CEO John Jones has big shoes to fill. If he is able to accomplish half of what Bob Harlan has the Packers will continue to enjoy the success to which we've all become accustomed.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Brett Clears the Air

In a 15 minute news conference prior to the start of this weekend's minicamp, QB Brett Favre had his say about the supposed trade rumor, his feelings about GM Ted Thompson, and other topics.

Bottom line: did not ask to be traded, was frustrated, has no problem with the direction the Packers are headed, says he has a good working relationship with Ted Thompson, and after 17 years in the league is bored with minicamps and just didn't want to come.

You can read an account of the press conference here. If you'd prefer to hear it straight from the horse's mouth, you can listen to the new conference here.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Some Words from Bob Harlan

Packers outgoing Chairman and CEO Bob Harlan was a guest on Bill Michaels' radio show on 620WTMJ-AM in Milwaukee this evening. Harlan, who has been with the Packers organization for 36 years, has just written a book entitled, "Green And Golden Moments," and was talking to Michaels about it, as well as a host of other topics, including Ted Thompson, Brett Favre, Lambeau Field, Vince Lombardi...quite a wide ranging interview. You can listen to it here.

For those in or around the Milwaukee area, or willing to travel there, Harlan is signing copies of his book this Sunday, May 19, at two Harry W. Schwartz Bookstores. You can get more info here. You can also order the book from them online (it's good to support the local booksellers whenever possible, and Harry W. Schwartz is one of the best!).

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Further on the Final Year for #4

As noted here yesterday, there was a report by 620WTMJ-AM radio in Milwaukee that Brett Favre is so upset with Packer management that this will definitely be his last year as a Packer. Either he will retire or, if he has a good year, play for another team that has a legitimate chance at the playoffs and a championship. Bill Michaels, of 620WTMJ, has many of the details in his blog entry, which you can find here. Just scroll down till you get the entry entitled "Final 4?".

Some fascinating -- and disturbing -- info about the present situation. It is very sad that it is coming to this for Brett, for the Packers, and for the fans. Perhaps the best hope for finishing the upcoming season on a good note for all those involved would be for the Pack to have a playoff year. Nothing new about that. But perhaps this season carries with it a bit more than before. Let's hope this all somehow works out.

Favre Will Now Attend Minicamp, Report Says

WTMJ4-TV in Milwaukee is this afternoon reporting that a source close to the situation is saying QB Brett Favre will now attend this weekend's mandatory minicamp. This follows after published reports out of Mississippi quoting Brett as saying he was going to stay home to rehab his ankle. According to the WTMJ4-TV report, Coach McCarthy let it be known -- through the media, and perhaps personally? -- that Brett was not excused and would be fined for missing the minicamp. One would think that might make the current situation even more strained. Perhaps Brett has decided to go along. Or perhaps this report is as off-target as others floating about. We'll know Friday afternoon. That's when the minicamp starts. Don't touch that dial!

Two Former QBs Come to Brett's Defense

In an article in today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, two former quarterbacks who spoke on radio about the Favre situation are quoted. Steve Young and Boomer Esiason each said they could understand Brett's frustration, and attribute it to the fact that the Packers' goals and Brett's goals are not in sync. Brett wants to win now; the Pack wants to build for the future. That's pretty apparent. Still, interesting to hear/read these great QBs' take on it all. Click here to read the article.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Report: Favre Says This is It...At Least in Green Bay

We know that Brett Favre was not happy with what transpired with the Packers' most recent draft. He was frustrated with the lack of the Pack's ability to trade for Randy Moss. Now he says he's not going to attend this weekend's mandatory minicamp because he'd prefer to continue his ankle rehab in Mississippi. Only problem is, Coach McCarthy hasn't excused him from participating. Hmmm...

Tonight, according to a report on WTMJ-TV in Milwaukee, its sister radio station 620WTMJ-AM is reporting (follow that, folks: this is a report of a report of a report!) that Brett has told Coach McCarthy that this will be his last year with the Packers; either he will retire or he will ask to be traded at year end because he can no longer play for Ted Thompson. Oh boy.

This report flies in the face of the upbeat "statement" by Brett posted on the Packers website yesterday in the aftermath of all the Moss hubbub. Something doesn't fit. They both can't be correct.

Brett is already starting to lose some of his luster among national sports pundits. On a number of sports talk shows yesterday, when the question was raised as to whether Brett was a selfish player, some of those answering came to the conclusion that it seems so based upon his on again-off again retirement dalliance last year, and the Moss situation now. Others say that after all Brett has given and meant to the Packers organization they should do what they can to accommodate him; it's not about being selfish, it's about putting players around Brett so the team can succeed.

Fans are also turning more and more against Thompson. In an online poll reported yesterday at WTMJ-TV, when asked how to respond to the most recent situation, more than half the respondents answered "Fire Ted Thompson" over "Trade Brett Favre" and "Do Nothing".

Things seem like they are getting messier rather than better. There might be some indication as to whether it is going to get better or worse as the weekend minicamp draws near. Stay tuned.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Brett Speaks

In a statement posted on the Packers official website about all the brouhaha regarding his supposed demand to be traded, Brett Favre says the following:

"I was frustrated a couple weeks back when Randy Moss was traded to New England. I never wanted to be traded and I don't want to be traded. I want to be in Green Bay. I want to finish my career as a Packer. Sometimes when I get frustrated I let my emotions get the better of me. As I said in February when I announced that I was coming back, I am excited about the young talent on our team and the improvements we're going to see from one year to the next. I really enjoy the young guys I'm playing with. I'm working hard down in Mississippi right now, rehabbing, and I plan to be in the best shape of my life. I look forward to playing with this team and seeing what we can do. I think we can be pretty good."

So...that's it then. Or is it?

You can read the statement for yourself here.

Does He or Doesn't He?

As in, does Brett want to be traded or doesn't he? That is the question which has Packerland in near hysteria. Based upon Brett's own comments over the weekend about his extreme disappointment that the Packers did not acquire Randy Moss, and subsequent news reports that his agent called Packers GM Ted Thompson after the draft demanding a trade and reports that Brett didn't take calls from Coach Mike McCarthy for nearly a week afterward, it would seem...well, we'll only know when Brett decides to say. Thompson and McCarthy aren't talking.

But the surprising thing -- at least to this Packer fan -- is that in a poll today in the online version of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel a slight majority of nearly 5,000 persons responding (as of the time of this post) said if Favre wants a trade the Packers should do it. Wow. Here are the results so far:

An angry Brett Favre asks the Packers to trade him. Should they do it?
Yes (53.2%)
No (46.8%)
Total votes: 4,956

One of the other things being reported is that Brett may not attend the upcoming minicamp as a sign of his displeasure. Because he is rehabbing from his ankle surgery the plan was that he wouldn't actually participate in any activities anyway but would still attend. If nothing else, it might give him a better opportunity to see exactly what some of the new additions to the offense might be able to bring to the field. Brett wasn't too impressed with last year's draft either on the offensive side of things. Yet, it didn't take Brett long to discover that then-rookie Greg Jennings might become one of his favorite receivers. Granted, there is no one with the pedigree of Moss. But there just might be someone with the game and a heckuva lot better attitude.

On the other hand, it is easy to understand Brett's frustration. The Pack has one of the best quarterbacks -- arguably the best -- to ever play the game, in the twilight of his career, still being productive and competitive, and it doesn't seem as if much effort is being made to put the veteran pieces in place to provide a legitimate shot at the playoffs and Super Bowl. Maybe these new kids will surprise everyone. Or maybe they will just disappoint and frustrate Brett to the point where he decides to retire or demand a trade to a team that can give him one last shot for another ring.

The Packers have salary cap room. They have veteran leadership at a number of positions despite being the youngest team overall in the league last year. Whether the team's management and coaching staff know how best to make it all click remains to be seen.

But one thing's for sure: if it isn't clicking with #4 -- on or off the field -- all is not well in Packerland.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Did Brett Ask to be Traded?

Here's something you don't hear every day. Or ever, for that matter. Brett Favre asking for a trade. That's what a report on the Fox Sports website says. Citing anonymous sources, the report says that Favre's agent, Bus Cook, called Packers' GM Ted Thompson to request a trade a few days after last month's draft. Why? Because, supposedly, Brett was upset that the Pack let Randy Moss slip through their fingers and land in New England. Actually, the word used in this report by Jay Glazer is that Brett was "incensed." In looking at the report on Fox Sports, it appears that the same kind of hyperbole is used in relaying this story as in most of its televised news shows. For example, Cook just didn't merely request the trade with Thompson, he "railed off on how his client was fed up with the organization and wanted out." OK. Maybe it was heated or maybe it wasn't. But unless it was a party line phone call (am I dating myself with that reference?), the only two people that know the context of that call -- if there was one -- are Cook and Thompson. Cook may be more likely to talk...that is his job in a way. It's Thompson's too, just doesn't do much of it and, when he does, doesn't say much. So, who knows how upset Brett was?

Brett, of course. And here's what he said Saturday in an interview with reporters during his charity golf outing in Mississippi: "I just want to win; maybe I see things the wrong way. I don't want to ruffle any feathers and I want people to respect me. Sometimes I think it's hard for them to let Brett go. They might think that we pay him a lot of money, but he still gives us the best chance to win. I've never been told that, but there are times when I wonder if I'm the odd man out here and they just don't know how to tell me. Our offense struggled last season. If it were not for our defense, we would not have won eight games. Right now, it's hard to be optimistic. I'm not getting any younger and I think everyone knows that. I don't have five years to rebuild. No one in Green Bay is saying rebuild but it's hard to look at where we are going and say, 'How can they not be rebuilding?' I don't know if I've lost faith, and I think everyone in the organization wants to win. I just don't know if it includes me. If it's going to be five years from now, I'm not going to be here. This is 17 years for me and I want to win." Brett is not a happy camper.

According to a report on, "In a statement posted on the Packers' Web site, general manager Ted Thompson said he would not address the specifics of the report but understood the frustration Favre vented in interviews over the weekend. 'I think it's natural for a player to be frustrated from time to time -- that's simply being human,' Thompson said. 'Everyone knows that Brett Favre is all about winning. As an organization, we share that commitment. And we want to win now.'"

Fans have already expressed their disappointment with this year's draft. Today, after this latest story broke, sport talk radio -- at least in some parts of the Packers' home state -- were abuzz with fans calling in to rip Ted Thompson a new one. While fans were apparently evenly split beforehand about the possible trade for Moss, now hearing that Brett may have asked for a trade after that didn't happen is enough for some to jump on the dump Thompson bandwagon. That, of course, won't happen. At least, not yet. If, however, the Packers languish on offense this year as a result of missing the Moss trade and failing to acquire a new quality starting running back to replace Ahman Green -- and Brett decides to hang up his cleats because he doesn't like what he sees -- Thompson just might find himself with no more room to maneuver.

Time will answer many of these questions (at least that's what the Magic 8 Ball advisor says!).

You can read Thompson's comments here. The Fox Sports story is here. ESPN's version is here.

Friday, May 11, 2007

"From Pigskins to Pink Ribbons"

That's how former Packer, LeRoy Butler, was described in a feature story during tonight's NBC Nightly News "Making a Difference" segment. The story featured one woman's experience with LeRoy and his Foundation for Breast Cancer. Kym Lindau, essentially at the end of her rope financially as a result of her cancer, wrote a letter to Butler as a last resort. As reported in the story, "Butler was so moved he picked up the phone" and told her she was approved for funds. Those funds helped Ms. Lindau keep her car, her house, and her horses. More importantly, Butler helped her keep her dignity.

It was a very moving story and a great profile of LeRoy Butler. LeRoy was a class act as a Packer and he has continued to be someone who contributes to the community as a member of the Packers alumni. He did and does make a difference.

If you want to learn more about the LeRoy Butler Foundation for Breast Cancer, just click here.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Overview of Packers Receivers

Just want to direct you to a great overview article in today's Milwaukee-Journal Sentinel about the players competing for Packers roster spots at wide receiver. Could be as many as 13 when it's all said and done. Obviously, they all aren't going to make it. Still, there is some quality there beyond Donald Driver to go with the quantity. And some youth. And some speed. Paraphrasing the motto of Faber College ("Knowledge is Good"), competition is not all bad. The Pack should go into the season with perhaps its strongest receiving corps in years. You can read the article in its entirety here.

Tryout Signees

In addition to signing fullback Corey White from UAB, as noted in a post here yesterday, the Packers announced they also have agreed to contracts with two other undrafted rookies coming out of this last weekend's tryout camp: DeVon Hicks, a defensive end from Northwest Mississippi Community College, and Pete Bier, an offensive lineman from Army.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

No Contract for Stocco

There is no joy in Madtown, Packer fans. Former UW QB John Stocco was not offered a contract by the Pack after his three-day tryout this last weekend. Apparently Coach McCarthy's comments earlier in the week that Stocco was good enough to land a job somewhere in the NFL meant that it just wouldn't be with the Packers. Stocco is now off to New York for another tryout with the Giants. According to a report in today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, "Drana (Stocco's agent, John Drana) said Packers college scouting director John Dorsey told him that Stocco did an excellent job running the team and learning the system and that if the Packers had a need down the road, Stocco would be someone they would consider." Rookie free agent Jerry Baab of Louisiana-Layfayette was also at the orientation and apparently will be carried into the first minicamp.

The other tryout casualty was long-shot and former UW-La Crosse basketball player Joe Werner, who was in camp trying out as a tight end despite not having played any football in years.

No further announcements have been made regarding the other tryout candidates, other than a report indicating that the Packers plan on signing fullback Corey White out of Alabama-Birmingham. Interestingly, there is also a report on the Packers own website indicating they are attempting to convert rookie linebacker Korey Hall into a fullback...a position he played in high school. Either the Packers are going with a same-name theme concept at fullback this year, or they realize what big shoes they are going to have to fill in replacing William Henderson.

Oh, and Keyshawn? He says he doesn't want to play in Green Bay. That's OK. On the few occasions when he did visit in another uniform he didn't play either.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Packers Among Those Looking at Keyshawn

Randy Moss was a no-go. From the scuttlebutt going around, and to hear Packers' outgoing CEO comments about it, it seems as if the fan feeling was evenly split between those who wanted Moss in a Packers uniform and those who didn't. Now, let the Keyshawn Johnson rumors begin. According to an article in today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, the Pack is among the teams expressing interest in Johnson, who was released by Carolina following the draft.

While it could be argued that Johnson is perhaps more of a high-profile name and self-promoter than performer over his career, he has been consistent in his production. According to the article, "In 11 seasons, he has 64 touchdowns, including 16 in the last three seasons. He has caught at least 70 passes in each of those campaigns." He was the #3 receiver for Carolina. It would be expected that, if the Packers did in fact land him, that he would be in the mix for the #3 spot along with a boatload of other Packer receivers who have youth rather than experience on their side.

So, here is another big name to chew on for a while. Given Packer GM Ted Thompson's tendencies...well...anything is possible...probability is another matter.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Not-So-Dim View

OK, Packer fans, we've been wailing and gnashing our collective teeth ever since this last weekend's NFL draft. The consensus among fans -- and most pundits too -- was that the Pack did...well...not so good. In two separate online polls, more than 80% of Packer fans graded the team's picks a C or worse.

So, for those of us who might need a lift -- or at least a glimmer of optimism about some of these players, check out the Draft Analyzer at Maybe you won't feel quite as bad as before. Maybe.

Badgers' QB Gets Packers Tryout

The quarterback with the most wins at the University of Wisconsin (somebody correct me if my memory is wrong about that), John Stocco, is getting a 72-hour tryout this weekend at the Packers rookie orientation camp. Stocco was 29-7 as a starter at Wisconsin, completing 57.4% of his passes for 7,227 yards, 47 touchdowns and 22 interceptions. Always underrated, even by some Badger fans, all Stocco did was win. He was named Most Valuable Player in his final collegiate game, the Capital One Bowl, where the Badgers beat Arkansas 17-14. The Badgers ended the season 12-1 (losing only to Michigan in week 5) and achieved a #7 national ranking. Stocco's leadership was a key to the season, particularly with basically an entirely new receiving corps and untested running game. He also showed his toughness, coming back for the bowl game after suffering a severe shoulder injury (throwing arm) which caused him to miss the last two regular season games, ending an impressive consecutive game streak.

Stocco was not drafted, obviously, but according to reports felt he'd get a free-agent call afterward. That didn't happen either. Still, he was quite happy to get a call from the Pack inviting him in for the weekend. As he is quoted as saying in an article in today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, "all I want is a shot." He's got that. Whether or not anything more will materialize remains to be seen. He will join free-agent signee Jerry Babb at camp. While not NFL starter material, if former Badger QBs Jim Sorgi and Brooks Bollinger can pick up back-up gigs in the league, there is no reason Stocco can't land somewhere.

The Packers also invited a couple other interesting players into camp, including a tight end who hasn't played football in eight years...yeah, you read that right. Read the article to learn more.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Pundits Pan the Pack's Picks

If you haven't already heard all that there is to say about how poorly most sports pundits viewed the Packers draft selections, here they are in one convenient place, courtesy of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. Some interesting comments, if not surprising evaluations.

And while it's still early in the voting (approx. 1,400 votes at the time of this posting), apparently, fans grading of the Packers draft in the online Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel poll seem to be even more pessimistic than were fans responding to the online poll mentioned here yesterday. Roughly 85 percent of fans responding to this poll graded the draft a C or worse:

What grade would you give the Packers' draft?
A (3.6%)
B (17.6%)
C (33.3%)
D (29.9%)
F (15.6%)
Total votes: 1,383

So...lots of folks think the Pack didn't fill any real needs. Packers management, on the other hand, say they take the best player available and don't pick for need. Let's just hope that some of those "best players" wind up filling some very big needs. could be a very stressful season. Let's hope the only stress we see is about winning playoff games and heading to the Super Bowl.