Friday, April 29, 2011

Packers pick up Hawaii running back Green

It's only appropriate that a running back with the last name Green goes to the Green Bay Packers: the Pack selected Hawaii RB Alex Green with the 96th overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft.

With depth seemingly more an issue on the defensive side of the ball than offense, GM Ted Thompson once again has confused the masses by going all offense in the first three rounds of the draft. Based upon his track record, he's right on track to continuing to improve the team in the best ways possible.

Let's review briefly. In the first round, Thompson picked up OT Derek Sherrod. With their only pick of the second round, the Packers chose WR Randall Cobb, who may also be the answer at punt and/or kick returner. And at the end of round three, Thompson got a running back, Alex Green from Hawaii. It was speculated that Thompson would make these position selections somewhere in the draft. With the exception of Sherrod in the first round, taking a receiver and running back with these selections may be a bit of a surprise. At least to the uninitiated. Which we all are compared to Thompson, let's be honest.

Thompson's draft board is set up to take the best player available. Obviously, at each of those picks Thompson took exactly that as he and his personnel and scouting team evaluated it.

With Sherrod, the Packers may have the successor to Chad Clifton when that day comes. With Cobb, the Pack adds to an already deep receiving corps and may provide insurance in case James Jones departs in free agency if and when that is in effect in some form for the upcoming season; they also have a returner. Finally, with Green, the Packers add a runner with size, balance and good hands to their backfield. He's not an every down runner, but in the Packers' scheme that's not necessary anyway. He will be a third-down type back who undoubtedly will challenge veteran Brandon Jackson for a roster spot.

It's the end of day two of the draft. If you are a Packers fan -- and I know you are! -- you have to be pleased with the new additions to the Super Bowl Champion team.

More tomorrow as the draft continues.

Go Pack Go!!!