Friday, April 29, 2011

Packers add Randall Cobb to receiver corps

With the 64th selection in the 2011 NFL Draft, and with Hall of Fame fullback Jim Taylor making the announcement, the Green Bay Packers selected Kentucky wide receiver/returner Randall Cobb.

According to the Packers official site, "Cobb, 5-10, 191, was used in a variety of roles by Kentucky, including as punt-returner. He’s been timed in the mid-4.4 area and he’s famous for his spirited play." You can read more about Cobb here.

It was speculated by this observer and many others that GM Ted Thompson might move up in the second round to take defensive help that was still on the board. As the draft went into the late 30th and early 40th selections, however, it seemed to be less and less likely that would happen. Yours truly speculated on Twitter that the draft must somehow be falling in a way anticipated by Thompson and his staff and that he'd probably stay at #64. And so he did. The result was a young receiver that might also give the Pack the punt and kick returner the team has lacked seemingly since...I dunno...does anyone remember???

Cobb is a burner and reportedly operates well out of the slot position. While Packers receivers work at all positions, finding someone to relieve Donald Driver in the slot occasionally may help prolong Driver's productivity as well as allow Cobb to develop in the midst of arguably the best receiving corps in the league and behind one of the best and toughest slot receivers in the NFL.

We'll be back later with an update on the Pack's next pick, #96, unless they trade out of it. And, of course, more tomorrow.

For the first two picks of this draft, kudos to Thompson and his crew.