Saturday, April 30, 2011

Packers draft wrap-up...Part 1

The 2011 NFL Draft is in the books for the Green Bay Packers and the other 31 teams in the league. The draft, by all appearances, is a good one for the Pack. Here's a quick look at the picks:
  • 1st Round #32 - Derek Sherrod, OT, Mississippi State
  • 2nd Round #64 - Randall Cobb, WR/Returner, Kentucky
  • 3rd Round #96 - Alex Green, RB, Hawaii
  • 4th Round #131 - Davon House, DB, New Mexico State
  • 5th Round #141 - D.J. Williams, TE, Arkansas
  • 6th Round #171 - Caleb Schlauderaff, OG, Utah
  • 6th Round #186 - D.J. Smith, LB, Appalachian State
  • 6th Round #197 - Ricky Elmore, DL, Arizona
  • 7th Round #217 - Ryan Taylor, TE, North Carolina
  • 7th Round #233 - Lawrence Guy, DT, Arizona State
We'll be back tomorrow with a more thorough review of this draft. But by all initial looks, GM Ted Thompson and his scouting crew have done an excellent job making a great team even greater by adding depth at key slots. A competitive depth chart will be even more competitive...whenever the lockout ends. And that doesn't even include the undrafted free agents who can't be signed yet by any team because of the lockout. Some good players are still sitting on the sidelines. Literally.

Feel good, folks. Because it's great to be a Packers fan!

Go Pack Go!!!