Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Who ya got? Da Bearz or ViQueens?

One of the joys of this particular bye week for fans of the Green Bay Packers is that the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings play each other this Sunday. And while it's not as joyous as it could be if there were actually a way to have both teams lose, we can still be thankful for a couple things. First, one team will lose. Secondly, both teams will get beat up.

My friend, Billy Da Bearz Fan, asked me today who I was rooting for. I told him I'd have to agree with the radio voice of the Packers who said on Monday that he believes the 'Queens have the most talent on paper in the NFC North (despite their record). Thus, Wayne Larrivee said, the Pack really has more to fear from Minnesota than Da Bearz, who he sees falling apart as the season goes on. Seems a reasonable argument.

So, on this given Sunday, yours truly will be rooting for Da Bearz to beat the 'Queens. Yes, this will keep Chicago in the running with the Pack, at least for another week. But it will put more distance between the Packers and Minnesota, which, if you believe Larrivee, is the greater challenger for the division title. And if Chicago can help send the 'Queens broken and battered into the game with the Pack the following week, all the better.

For those reasons, a victory by Da Bearz is on my wish list for this weekend.

How do you feel about it? Are you rooting for Chicago or Minnesota this weekend? Tell us by voting in the poll in the righthand column.