Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday before Favre's Super Bowl

No, we aren't doing a flash back to the late 1990's. We're talking this upcoming Sunday, when Ol' #4 himself might have his own personal Super Bowl against the Green Bay Packers. Because this might, maybe, perhaps, who knows?, be the last time Brett Favre suits up against his old team. And with one loss already under his belt against the Pack this season, you know he's really gonna want to stick it to Packers GM Ted Thompson just one more time before riding off into the sunset on his lawnmower.

This, of course, despite the fact that Favre is surrounded by perhaps the most dysfunctional team in football this season. The Drama 'Queens have given a whole new meaning to the expression "They eat their own." When players do not respect their head coach -- as various comments out of the ViQueens' locker room over the past few weeks clearly suggest -- anything can happen. Yes, these are professional athletes who play for their own pride, if nothing else. But even these days, that sometimes isn't enough to get the most out of players.

Take, for example, the case of WR Sidney Rice. By many reports it seems as if he is capable of returning to the field from his hip injury. Yet, there are also reports -- or, at least, speculation -- that with a free agent year on the horizon, Rice is in no hurry to get back on the field for a 3-6 team that is as much of a mess as this one is. Why risk injury again and jeopardize a potentially huge free agent payday?

So, with arguably the 'Queens best receiver likely not playing on Sunday, and the other receivers also nursing some injuries, Ol' #4 just doesn't have the downfield targets he has been accustomed to. He does have a good tight end in Visanthe Shiancoe who has become a favorite. And, of course, he does have that running back...what's his name? Ah, yes, Adrian Peterson.

So, Favre's Super Bowl? Think he'll come up just a bit short of the mark. You know, like in the last two big games he's played that would get him there. The Pack is favored by 3 right now. Past history says this game will be a close one. Hope it's not. And the directions the two teams are going in indicates that it shouldn't be.

We'll do a a bit more of a preview later. But for now, just wanted to get back into the blogging game. The Packers took a bye week and I did too. Sometimes we all need a break.

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