Sunday, November 07, 2010

Packers must beat Cowboys tonight

Granted, nothing surprising in that headline. But given that both Da Bearz and the ViQueens pulled wins out of you-know-where earlier today, the Green Bay Packers must do what they are favored to do: beat the Dallas Cowboys at Lambeau Field.

This would give the Pack a three-game winning streak going into the bye week, and set them up to play what will no doubt be a battered 'Queens team at the Humpty Dump the week after; the 'Queens play Da Bearz in Chicago next weekend...which begs the question: can both teams lose? Yes, wishful thinking, I know. (Sigh)

But back to tonight's game. The point spread favoring the Pack over the past few days has gone from 8-1/2 points to 7. Tells you that those who wager see a Dallas team that could, perhaps, maybe, reverse their downward spiral. Certainly they have the talent to do so. We just need to hope they don't pick tonight to get off the turnover-penalty bandwagon they've been riding all the way to their 1-6 season record...or as owner Jerry Jones prematurely stated after last week's loss, a 1-7 record.

It will be an intriguing game to watch, as this will be a game of match ups. We can continue to look to Packers' defensive coordinator Dom Capers to weave his magic with players and schemes. That will be needed to keep Dallas' three-headed running attack in check and force Jon Kitna to carry the day. Conversely, Packers' head coach Mike McCarthy needs to start walking his own talk about committing more to the run on offense. RB Brandon Jackson has shown flashes. But it seems just when he gets rolling, McCarthy's play-calling turns into an ongoing series of shotgun formations with no running backs to be seen anywhere. Gotta keep the 'boys honest tonight, coach. Please. It might just be the thing to provide enough of a rhythm for the offense, the kind that seems to have been missing for a large part of the season.

So, without further ado...let the game begin!

Go Pack Go!!!