Friday, April 23, 2010

Yep...still looks good in the morning, too

You know how it goes: sometimes, in the heat of the moment, one's reason and senses can lead you to make, um, questionable decisions. Which in the light of day, make you wonder what the heck you were thinking. Or so I've heard.

On another level, it's buyer's remorse. Dazzled by the flash, we come to realize the goods aren't at all that we thought they were.

Well, in the case of the Packers' first round draft pick, offensive tackle Bryan Bulaga, seems as if everyone still awoke with a smile on their faces today. Even fans, who say they approve of the Packers' choice by a margin of 92 percent to 8 percent (of more than 7,000 fans responding as of the time of this post) in a poll at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

And why not? Bulaga was projected to be long gone before the Packers' pick at number 23. Some had him going in the top 10. That's why GM Ted Thompson and the coaching staff in Green Bay were darn near giddy when Bulaga fell into their laps last evening.

In his post-selection interview, Bulaga said his goal was to start...which is exactly what you want to hear from a draft pick, especially a first rounder. He understands that he'll have much to learn. But coming from the Iowa system, he's familiar with zone blocking schemes so he can hit the ground running, so to speak. And if he takes care of business, he could succeed venerable veteran Chad Clifton at left tackle. That's what the Packers are hoping. Whether that's sooner or later, it's what they are hoping for.

Everybody has a take on Bulaga, how this will impact the Packers short and long-term, etc. So if you want to catch a really good overview, check out this story and its various sidebar articles. Good stuff.

Keep checking back here at as the draft resumes later this afternoon. There are still some very good players available who have now dropped to the second round and fit the Packers' needs -- especially on defense -- very well. Will Thompson trade up, stay pat, or trade down? Stay's gonna be a fun ride, kids!