Sunday, April 25, 2010

Packers undrafted signings

While the official NFL Draft may have ended, the player pick ups continue. In this case, that means those college players who were not drafted during any of the Draft's seven rounds.

While the Packers didn't address their outside linebacker needs in the draft, it appears they are attempting to find at least one prospect among the undrafted pool given the signings. There are some interesting possibilities at that position, as well as a few of the other slots. In fact, the signing of QB Noah Shepard might be one to keep an eye on. Read here for more.

Reports are that the Pack has signed the following to free agent contracts:
  • OL Nick McDonald, Grand Valley State
  • WR/KR Chastin West, Fresno State
  • RB Quinn Porter, Stillman College
  • LB Alex Joseph, Temple
  • QB Noah Shepard, South Dakota
  • OLB Frank Zombo, Central Michigan
  • DE John Russell, Wake Forest
  • CB/KR Sam Shields, Miami (expected to sign, not confirmed yet)
  • OLB Tim Knicky, Stephen F. Austin
  • WR Jeff Moturi, UTEP
  • OT Chris Campbell, Eastern Illinois
  • S Robert Vaughn, UConn
In addition to these players, a few others were invited to tryout at next's weekend orientation camp which begins Friday: WR Shawn Gore, Bishop University (Canada); OT Mike Aguayo, OT, UTEP; WR E.J. Morton-Green, Morgan State; RB Tory Harrison, Southern Mississippi. Perhaps 20 or so players will tryout overall.