Friday, April 23, 2010

Packers move up to take S Morgan Burnett

The Packers decided to move up in the third round, trading with Philadelphia (from Cleveland through Philadelphia), to take S Morgan Burnett out of Georgia Tech with the 71st overall pick in the draft.

Burnett appears to be a good-sized safety and a ball hawk. Looks like a very good pick here, and was obviously a player that the Packers wanted, moving up 15 slots to take him. The Pack traded their #86 pick (third round) and #122 (fourth) to make the move.

Stay tuned...looks as if GM Ted Thompson is working his plan...offensive line, defensive line, defensive backfield...what's next??? We'll have to wait to see. Because unless Thompson works another trade to move up, the Packers don't pick again until #154 overall in the fourth round tomorrow. As we said...stay tuned...