Thursday, July 16, 2009

The view from the Driver's seat

Yes, Packer fans, it's time for the dean of the Packers' receiving corps, Donald Driver, to opine on a few topics. That would include Da Bearz, his buddy, Ol' #4, and by virtue of the latter, the ViQueens. Driver was being interviewed Tuesday on Sirius NFL Radio.

The SportsDay column by Bob Wolfley in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports bits of the interview. For example, Driver said that while Da Bearz might now have a QB in Jay Cutler, and other good pieces, they don't have a receiving corp that can go deep. That's what several pundits also said at the time of Cutler's acquisition. I recall one, in particular, who said basically that it was great that Da Bearz improved their quarterback situation, but asked who was Cutler going to throw to. Well said.

Driver also said he talks with Brett Favre on occasion but they haven't discussed how his going to the ViQueens will affect his Green Bay legacy. They mainly talk about how his arm is feeling, how the family is...that kind of thing.

Anyway, for more specifics of Driver's comments, check out the article here.

Speaking of Favre...
As you've no doubt already heard -- it was like "Breaking News!" -- Brett said yesterday that he would make a decision about wearing that funky ViQueens purple by July 30.

Do you really think he's not going to return? Let's see a show of hands...