Friday, July 17, 2009

Jolly jolly again...for now

The felony drug charge against Packers DT Johnny Jolly was dismissed today by prosecutors in Harris County, TX. As noted in a post earlier this week here at and in reports elsewhere, Jolly was driving a car in Houston last July in which a variety of not-so-good things were found, including evidence of codeine -- felony amounts, that is. Whether that was Jolly's or that of the friends he happened to be keeping that night is, apparently, one of the issues to be resolved.

And the prosecutors have let it be known that this will be resolved. Because while they have dismissed these charges, they also intend to refile them in a couple months. Huh? What? Why the dismiss/refile routine? The explanation of that maneuver is probably best left to attorneys, but one report cites Donna Hawkins, spokeswoman for the Harris County district attorney's office, as saying that the Houston Police Department recently acquired a new piece of equipment that measures the amount of codeine in a liquid. She indicated that after police technicians are trained on the device and accredited on testifying about its use and results the prosecutor's office intends to refile the second-degree felony charge against Jolly.

So, paraphrasing whoever it was...this one ain't over 'till the fat man walks.

You can read more about the Jolly case here.

Sportspyder Headline Snafus Continue
As noted here a few days ago, the Sportspyder bot that automatically updates the "Latest Headlines" in the righthand column is still occasionally pulling in some headlines for stories that appeared...well, a loooooong time ago. Somehow, it sees these as being posted by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel now. I have no clue as to what is causing it, nor is there anything I can do about it. So, as I said the other day, if you see a few odd looking headlines -- such as referring to games from 1995 and players who retired 10 years ago as if they are still playing -- and care to take a stroll down memory lane, check 'em out. Otherwise, never mind.