Wednesday, July 01, 2009

This is what Packer fans will do

If you are a Packer fan -- and I'm assuming are (or wish you were) -- you already know that you are part of the best fans in all of sports. We are a hardcore lot. Especially when it comes to getting or keeping tickets...unlike, as I mentioned in my earlier Favre post of the day, ViQueens fans who can't even sell out a playoff game for cripes sake. And, of course, who also now have to plumb the depths of discarded and twice-retired Green Bay players in an effort to boost their ticket sales.

But enough about the fickle fans in the funky purple. Back to some real fans...

On 620WTMJ radio's Sports Central with Bill Michaels tonight, he was doing a segment on the impact the economy is having on sports franchises and fans. He invited listeners to call in to say how things are affecting them. The first caller said that his family, beginning with his father, had 124 season Packers tickets. One hundred twenty-four! He told Michaels that he owned a couple rental apartment buildings and he sold one just so he could still afford to keep all those tickets. The second caller said he had 24 season tickets and owned two businesses. Said the one business needed the tickets as part of entertaining clients. The other business didn't. Said he actually closed down the second business so he could put all the resources into maintaining the full set of tickets.

As Michaels said after listening to these two callers, when he had the chance to move to Milwaukee's WTMJ from his previous gig in Cincinnati he jumped on it because he knew how hardcore the Packers fans were.


It's good to be a Packer fan!