Friday, May 09, 2008

Pack releases Koren Robinson

Given the draft and players signed in free agency, it was only a matter of time before somebody had to go at wide receiver -- 13 is a crowded field after all. It wasn't going to be Donald Driver, or Greg Jennings, or James Jones, or Ruvell Martin or any of the other young receivers the Pack has in the stable. It certainly wasn't going to be the new receivers the Pack drafted, at least not at this stage of things. So, that left a receiver who had tried last year to reclaim the potential he had earlier in his career before off-the-field problems and injuries set in: Koren Robinson. He was released by the Packers today after his agent was unable to find any teams willing to trade with the Packers.

Robinson was one of those players who many fans, including this one, liked coming out of college and who was rooting for to make a comeback. One of his biggest backers, of course, was Brett Favre. But in watching him play last year it was obvious that his speed was not what it used to be. And at age 28, that's not a good sign. Especially when you have a bunch of guys coming up behind you on the squad who are much younger and much faster.

The Pack -- and Ted Thompson in particular -- did a lot to help Robinson resurrect his career. They apparently part on good terms. Robinson will likely get a look by a few teams. He may not be what he was. But on some teams, he's going to be better than what they may have for third or fourth receivers. We wish him well.

You can read the news about Robinson's release here.