Friday, May 30, 2008

Brett's locker is history, KGB has surgery, training camp schedule set

Over the past several weeks, you may have heard various sports pundits on ESPN and elsewhere speculating on the reason why the Packers had yet to remove Brett Favre's name from his locker. Could it be because they were holding out hope he'd un-retire? Or did they know something the rest of us didn't?


Turns out that it was just a bit of a delay in dismantling the locker and shipping it off to Brett as a bit of a thank you for his time with the Pack. "We decided several months ago that at the appropriate time that we would disassemble it, crate it up and take it to Brett's place so it will be Brett's locker," Packers' GM Ted Thompson told reporters on Thursday. "The reason we hadn't done it yet is because the workers have to have the time and freedom to come and go and so we've got to do it sometime between our minicamp and the start of our training camp."

Following yesterday's practice, Brett's nameplate was finally removed and replaced by a plain Packers nameplate. (Yes, bow your heads for a moment of silence...thank you.) The whole unit will be pulled out after the June minicamp concludes and will be replaced with a new one. Aaron Rodgers won't have to answer questions anymore about still seeing Brett's locker and what that might mean. And Brett will get a locker to hold his fishing gear and who-knows-what.

KGB has surgery
Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila had arthroscopic knee surgery yesterday morning in an effort to help mitigate the nagging problems he had this last year and which have apparently carried over into Spring workouts and OTAs. The idea is to have him ready for training camp. You can read more about this and some of the other ailing Packers here.

Packers Training Camp Schedule Set
The Packers have set their summer training camp schedule, beginning on Monday, July 28, with two practices. Because of the Monday night preseason opener, the Packers wind up having to cram all four preseason games into an 18-day span. Yikes! There's only four days between games 1 and 2, and five days each between games 2 and 3, and games 3 and 4. Coach Mike McCarthy stated, "Our training camp schedule really parallels our in-season schedule. We have a prime-time, Monday Night Football game to start the preseason and the regular season, so this will help us prepare for the regular season." They will certainly get a feel for working at a hectic pace.