Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Packers sign 13 rookie free agents

With the dust from the draft settling, it seems that the final tally -- at least for today -- is that the Packers have signed an additional 13 rookie free agents. You can learn about them here.

In addition, there's a nice story about RB Justin Beaver, the Gagliardi Award winner from Division III Champion, UW-Whitewater, who has been invited to try out for the Packers this weekend. As the article points out, all his numbers compare favorably with those of some first round picks. The only one that doesn't is his height: 5'7". Still, he's interesting enough for Ted Thompson to invite him in for a look. Would be a heckuva story if he is able to make the team in some capacity. He's a kid you have to root for. Check out the story here.