Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fans seem split on Culpepper as a Packer

In an online fan poll at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, out of currently about 2,000 votes cast at the time of this post, there seems to be a fairly even split between those who feel the Packers should sign free agent QB Daunte Culpepper and those who say they shouldn't. Right now, it's about 52% "No" and 48% "Yes." I think a lot of the "No's" may be basing their responses off their latent negative feelings for Culpepper from his days as a ViQueen: he was not well liked by Packer fans, especially when he and Randy Moss hooked up, or when he did his silly little "rolling rolling" hand movements after a big play. OK, based on that alone, admittedly, one can see why some fans feel the way they do.

However, Culpepper -- for now -- is about the only available veteran QB on the market. Given that the current backups to Aaron Rodgers consist of Jerry Baab and Dalton Bell...well...Culpepper is definitely an option to consider. And, admit it, anyone looks better in green 'n' gold than in purple. I mean, c'mon...

Reminder: Favre on Letterman tonight

As noted here in a prior post, Brett Favre will be appearing on the David Letterman show on CBS tonight. Would seem to be worthwhile tuning in, since this will be Brett's first national TV appearance since his retirement.

In addition, SportsBusiness Daily reports that Brett will be on the cover for the new "Madden NFL 09," video game. Apparently, he'll make that announcement official this evening on Letterman. From tossing footballs to pitching products...welcome to the world of the retired QB, Brett.