Sunday, November 12, 2006

When the ViQueens Cry

With apologies to that Minneapolis artist-formerly-and-now-known-again-as-Prince for paraphrasing one of his song titles, I think the Packers are going to come out of this game with a "W". I know that that other "W" was a big loser this last week, but this "W" will bring the Pack to 4-5.

The record in this series is 44-44-1. So I guess you could say it is a toss up. Which most of the time, it seems to be. Last year, it came down to field goals in the last seconds that resulted in Packer losses. Going into this game, the 'Queens are favored by 5. Given that they haven't scored an offensive touchdown in 9 quarters, that seems to be a stretch...unless the Packers gift-wrap a victory for them the way they did for the Bills.

It will be loud in the Humpty Dump Dome, so silent snaps will be the order of the day. Let's hope center Scott Wells and QB Brett Favre have that snap thing worked out a bit better than last week. Let's also hope Ahman Green can get some yards on the league's best rushing defense so that it all doesn't fall back to the passing game. And speaking of passing game, let's hope that the Packers' defense not only gets pressure on ol' Brad Johnson, but also COMMUNICATES and COVERS in the defensive backfield.

The Pack has the better offense, the 'Queens the better defensive. It will be a squeaker. Pack by 3.