Monday, November 27, 2006

Another Disappointing Loss

As indicated in the halftime report, the Packers -- by not taking advantage of the many opportunities they were handed in the first half -- were setting themselves up to lose. And they did. They could not stop Shaun Alexander, who ran at will through the Packers' defense for 201 yards -- the fourth best rushing performance on Monday Night Football. But mostly, they could not overcome themselves...again.

They could also not overcome an extremely bad roughing the passer call by the refs which kept a Seattle drive going and led to the score which put the Seahawks up 34-24 with about 8 minutes to go. And two late interceptions on Brett's passes -- to add to one in the first half -- didn't help either.

So, the Pack sits now at 4-7. Five games to go. How many more wins are there? Next up is the Jets at Lambeau...hmmm. Probably not. Then at San Fran...maybe. Then the Lions back in GB...darn well better! Then the ViQueens at home. There are two to three possible wins left. Maybe. If the moon and stars line up correctly. Like in a big "G" formation.