Sunday, November 19, 2006

Final Drubbing: Pats 35 - Pack 0

Ouch! The final score was not a surprise given the tone of the first half. And especially with Brett on the bench the entire second half, chances for doing anything were not good.

Some sad facts: the Pats possessed the ball for nearly 20 minutes more in this game than did the Packers; this is the first time in the history of Lambeau Field that the Packers have been shut out twice at home in the same season.

Some good news, as just reported on CBS Sports: Brett experienced numbness in his elbow and forearm, but the team's medical staff do not plan on doing an MRI; the report further stated that Brett is -- what else? -- expected to start again next weekend.

The difference in this game between one of the league's elite teams and its youngest was clear. It was, however, nice to hear CBS analyst Dan Dierdorf comment as he watched the game that in looking at this very young Packers team that the future is very bright. Agreed. It's the growing pains right now that make it difficult. Going to Seattle for the game next Monday night will also be part of this growth process. Let's hope they learned some lessons today.